Parametersin Malaria Modellings

Per capita daily mortality rate of early stage larvae (low density)

Additional death rate due to malaria infection

Probability of being repelled by net

Variance of the log heterogeneity in biting rates

Per capita daily mortality rate of pupae

Period of clinical disease(treated)

Development time of early stage larvae

Development time of late stage larvae

Probability that an infection leads to disease

Latent period

Probability that an infection leads to severe disease

Development time of pupae

Probability of being killed before feeding when using IRS

Probability that an infectious bite leads to infection

Number of eggs laid per day per mosquito

Human Blood Index

Transmission probability from infectious humans to susceptible mosquitoes

Sub-patent individuals

Average number of bites per mosquito per unit time

Infectiousness from untreated disease to vectors

Prophylaxis following treatment

Prophylaxis individuals

The rate of loss of temporary immunity acquired from prior malaria infection

Duration of asymptomatic infection

Maximum mosquito-biting rate

Natural recover rate from malaria for human

Period of clinical disease(untreated)

Mortality rate for infected mosquitoes

Proportion of clinical cases receiving effective treatment

Exposed human become infectious rate

Transmission probability from infectious mosquitoes to susceptible humans

Probability of being killed by net

Patent infection period

Per capita daily mortality rate of late stage larvae (low density)

Entomological Inoculation Rate

Probability that an infection will be detected

Treated individuals

Lag from parasites to infectious gametocytes

Force of infection

Probability of being repelled before entering house when using LLINs

Relative effect of density dependence on late instars relative to early instars

Daily mortality of adults mosquito

Susceptible human

Mean entomology inoculation rate in adults

Force of infection from human to mosquito

Probability of infection bitten by an infectious mosquito

Probability of infection with no immunity

Relative biting rate

Age-dependent biting parameter - a_0

Force of infection

Untreated individuals

Age-dependent biting parameter - rho

Mean time between bites in humans

Force of infection from vector to human

ITNs coverage

Asymptomatic individuals

Probability of repelled before entering house when using IRS

Minimum mosquito-biting rate

Infectiousness from sub-patent infection to vectors

Natural death rate for human

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