Parametersin Malaria Modellings

Additional death rate due to malaria infection

Period of clinical disease(treated)

Latent period

Human Blood Index

Transmission probability from infectious humans to susceptible mosquitoes

Average number of bites per mosquito per unit time

Infectiousness from untreated disease to vectors

The rate of loss of temporary immunity acquired from prior malaria infection

Maximum mosquito-biting rate

Natural recover rate from malaria for human

Period of clinical disease(untreated)

Mortality rate for infected mosquitoes

Exposed human become infectious rate

Transmission probability from infectious mosquitoes to susceptible humans

Patent infection period

Entomological Inoculation Rate

Lag from parasites to infectious gametocytes

Force of infection from human to mosquito

Sub-patent infection

Force of infection from vector to human

ITNs coverage

Minimum mosquito-biting rate

Infectiousness from sub-patent infection to vectors

Natural death rate for human

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